Do you have a personal goal? Everyone is different, it may be to be more relaxed, have more self -confidence, or change a habit or pattern – Whatever your goal is, and Hypnotherapy can help you achieve that change in your life.

Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapy, whereby hypnosis is the process of addressing and overcoming our problems by changing the way we think and behave.

My tailored approach and practice using NLP and Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy allows you to achieve change and long lasting positive effects.

Hypnosis is a very relaxed, day dream like state, most people experience trances quite naturally in their everyday life, for example when engrossed in a book or daydreaming whilst carrying out a repetitive task.

You will receive a MP3 recording or CD with each session to use as a positive resource which accelerates and deepens the process of change
Here are just some of the issues or problems that can be successful addressed with hypnosis:

Hypnotherapy Stress and Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, P.T.S.D.
Hypnotherapy Addictions, Gambling, Alcohol, Drugs, Food
Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Management Programme
Hypnotherapy O.C.D. Obsessions / Compulsions, Hair pulling, Nail biting
Hypnotherapy Phobias and Fears, Flying, Insects, Animals
Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Unwanted habits, Blushing
Hypnotherapy Confidence Building and Self Esteem, Motivation
Hypnotherapy Public speaking or Exam nerves, Driving Tests
Hypnotherapy Anger and Sadness Relaxation
Hypnotherapy Guilt, Bereavement & Loss
Hypnotherapy Sports Performance and Enhancement
Hypnotherapy Insomnia and Sleep issues
Hypnotherapy Pain, Tinnitus, IBS.
Hypnotherapy Wedding related stress and nerves
Hypnotherapy Childbirth
Hypnotherapy Relationship issues, Jealousy

Hypnotherapy in Newcastle opon Tyne
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Shirley Sheen Therapy in Newcastle opon Tyne
Counseling - Hypnotherapy - Psychotherapy

Hypnotherapy in Newcastle opon Tyne

Shirley Sheen
Psychotherapeutic Counsellor & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Gateshead Newcastle upon Tyne
07545 160 224


Hypnotherapy in Newcastle
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